Annual Report

The port of choice for
central New Zealand

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$16.6m Underlying profit up 41%
Increased volumes
We're serious about health and safety
Strong Trades
1.7m Record logs
110 Record cruise
Our People
Regeneration strategy – medium-term plan in action
Commitment to sustainability and our environment
Inland Strategy
CentrePort’s inland strategy continued to help drive economic success across central New Zealand this year.
CEO's Report
“This has been a successful year of growth and recovery for CentrePort.” - Derek Nind, Chief Executive Officer.
Chair's Report
Chair Lachie Johnstone and the Board are pleased to report a year of strong growth in the business, continuous improvement in health and safety and good progress on developing the CentrePort regeneration plan.
Trades CentrePort has performed strongly across all trades – with record setting years for logs and cruise.

Result areas and achievement for

Our investment in training has helped improve the skills of our team.
Resilient People
This year, our people on the front lines have stepped up to meet challenges, solve problems and improve processes.
As part of the community, CentrePort is proud to support Wellington and the wider region.
Health and Safety
Health and safety is the number one priority for CentrePort in everything we do.
Our values underpin everything we do at CentrePort.
Medium-term Operating Plan
The medium-term operating plan focuses on key enablers for regeneration.
Our commitment to environmental sustainability has continued to grow this year.
Multi-user Ferry Terminal
Progress of the future ports working group – currently developing plans for a multi-user ferry terminal.
CentrePort will be a critical lifeline in the event of a major disaster.
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