In the past year, CentrePort implemented a fixed flexi-rostering system. This has given the team awareness well in advance when and where they're working, including guaranteed time off and normalised hours.

This means we needed to broaden the range of skills of all of our staff, involving thousands of hours of training through the year. Frontline staff get an opportunity to rotate between areas, rather than being specialised in one area. This has created a multi-skilled team, spreading the skills and knowledge to keep the team fresh.

The training is New Zealand Qualifications Authority approved, providing employees with qualifications that are externally recognised.

“It's been a really satisfying process to see people evolve, change and grow in confidence as a result of that. It's been a really positive experience and something that we want to do more and more of with all of our staff.”

Derek Nind, CEO, CentrePort

Training graduation ceremonies

“Probably one of the best nights this year would be watching the pride and the sense of satisfaction from the staff who graduated that night, something maybe they haven't done before in front of their families and friends. It's great to be part of that and a vehicle to encourage it and to see that transformation in them.”

Derek Nind, CEO, CentrePort

Cargo handler Dave Maule is one of CentrePort’s training coordinators. He helps implement training programmes that invest in growing the skills of CentrePort staff.

“Training of our people is a key focus at CentrePort. We use training specialists to ensure staff are getting quality instruction. The programme we’ve implemented includes ship lashing and twist-lock use refreshers, and New Zealand certificates in Port Operations, both core and heavy machine operations strand.

“You never reach the finish line with training. Continuous development of training methods and materials are being developed. We are always striving to improve, and the past year has been one of real progress,” said Maule.

Future leaders programme

The future leaders programme is part of our overall philosophy to improve the capacity and capability of people at CentrePort. The future leaders programme is around identifying talent in the business and working on that talent even before they become promoted or take on internal development opportunities.